How Artificial Intelligence is Redefining the Recruitment Landscape

Circa 1980, the pre-web era……a corporate recruiter is busy looking for candidates via resume archives, phone sourcing and word of mouth whilst job seekers read through newspaper job advertorials. a tough nut! fast forward 2012, the late web, job aggregators are making candidates easier to find by compiling online professional resumes in their database. as we all know the corporate recruiting system is mostly skewed, only a candidate who’s tried to obtain a job using these job boards can relate to his ‘candidate experience’. when one enters the company name “microsoft” in indeed.... Continue reading How Artificial Intelligence is Redefining the Recruitment Landscape

Well-informed job seekers navigate the plethora of possibilities that best fits their style, values and goals. they realize new opportunities become available every day and they keep their resume updated and ready to go. think about it, top corporations hire outside experts to help them position their product in the marketplace. how have you positioned yourself in today’s tough job market? have you positioned yourself as the top candidate; resulting in your phone ringing for interviews, thus landing that new position. don’t wait to be laid off or become unemployed to search for a new position. ... Continue reading Be Proactive!

People often struggle with figuring out what might be good questions to ask potential employers. it's helpful to create questions that are insightful, yet avoid intrusiveness. acquiring a realistic preview of the job and work environment are critical in helping to make decisions that will support future job satisfaction. here are a few questions for you to consider. what are the immediate challenges for the person hired into this position?this inquiry opens a new way for you to explore with the interviewer the value of your qualifications. if you are a quick thinker, you may be able ... Continue reading A Few Powerful Interview Questions to Ask

Are you wondering why you're not getting positive results after you send out lots of resumes? if the resumes have been all exactly the same, you may just be spinning your today's world of information overload, where employers are sometimes inundated with resumes from internet, mobile and other sources, customizing is key. each employer wants to reserve meeting time for those candidates who are already perceived as highly qualified for the position. they will not likely take time to figure out how you might fit into the organization if the match appears to be merely close. this is ... Continue reading Simple Resume Customizing Strategies